Isam Economic Company Ltd. is a trustworthy company in the domain of Hajj and Umrah services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is licensed by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah under license no (1026).
We are always trying to have agent around the arab and Islamic world. We have invested most of our experiences in creating a mechanism to make partnerships our agents in order for issuing Umrah visas and organizing their programs, All these achievements were first realized through the help of God and then his trained cadres.
It is thanks to God and His help that Isam and Partners Economic Company Limited has entered a very important stage in its strategic plan for expansion, upgrading its manpower capabilities and skills, its commitment to applying all international professional standards and providing the best and the finest services that have culminated concluding many cooperation and agency agreement with many companies in the Middle East and the world. Such agreement have been recently concluded within the Company’s strategy framework aiming at developing the Hajj and Umrah sector, hotel reservations and leasing of transportation means.
The comfort and well-being of our customers is a key factor for our business success, prosperity and progress.
This is evidenced by the series of outstanding services we offer, in line with the Company’s aspirations and plans for expansion.
This success comes thanks to God first, and then thanks to the security, stability and prosperity the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia enjoys under its leadership – and what it witnesses due to the comprehensive development plans of large development projects that have had a significant impact on the good of all companies operations on the ground of the Kingdom, including the “Isam and Partners Economic Company Ltd for Hajj and Umrah Services”.
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